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B1900 Type Rating

Shine Aviation offer the B1900 Type Rating using our B1900D. Officially designated as BE350/190 Type Rating it allows you to fly all B1900 models including B1900C and B1900D models, and the BE350 with differences training.

The B1900 is a pressurised twin-engine turboprop, popular as a commuter transport aircraft capable of seating 19 passengers and used widely amongst Charter and FIFO operators.

Upon successful completion of the BE350/190 Type Rating you will also receive the following design feature endorsements to your licence:

  • GTE (Gas Turbine Engine)
  • PXS (Pressurisation)
  • MPPC (Manual Propeller Pitch Control)

The Type Rating includes a CBT (Computer Based Training) course, ground school and flying component in the B1900D.

For more information and a quote contact us at [email protected], (08) 9923 3600

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