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Frequently asked questions about our tours

  1. What do we need to take on a full day tour?

Everything that you would normally take to the beach: hat, sunscreen, bathers, towel, and sun smart clothes. Walking shoes, sufficient drinking water, snorkelling gear if you have it, (otherwise we will provide) a wet suit (if it is cold weather) or you can hire from us for $10.

  1. What can I do on the island if I do not want to snorkel?

The activities on the island can be determined by everyone. If you do not want to swim and snorkel, you can go on a guided island walk to check out lizards, wallabies & birds or sunbathe and relax.

  1. What happens if I am not sure if the weather will be suitable for the tour?

The pilot in consultation with our Operations department, will determine on the day, if the weather is suitable for the tour to go ahead.

  1. What level of fitness is required for the Abrolhos tours?

You need to be fit enough to complete an 800-metre walk from the air strip and along the beach there and back, plus any swimming and nature walking throughout the day.

  1. What time of year do you see whales migrating?

Whale migration is usually between June and October.

  1. Are there toilets on East Wallabi Island where I can change?

Yes, there are very basic “long drop” toilets located near the shelter.

  1. Can I have a window seat?

All seats on our tour aircraft are window seats.

  1. How far is the reef located from the beach?

The reef starts about 50 metres from the beach.

  1. What is the water temperature at the islands?

The water temperature is usually between 20-22 degrees.

  1. How long is the flight to the Abrolhos?

The flight out is approximately 1 hour as it is a scenic flight and it will take you over many of the islands. The return flight to Geraldton is a direct flight and takes about 40 minutes.

  1.  Is there shelter on the island?

Yes, at the end of your walk down Turtle Bay, there is a basic shelter on a platform with a table and seats.

  1. Is there a guided snorkelling tour?

No, the snorkelling is completed on your own at your own risk, so you need to be a confident swimmer.  The pilot will brief each passenger, explaining which areas to go swimming and where to see the reef and marine life, as well as answering any questions throughout the day.

  1. Is the Pink Lake always pink?

The intensity of the pink colour depends on the season, amount of water in the lake and cloud coverage. We cease the Pink Lake tour if it has been very dry which can be towards the end of summer.


Frequently asked questions general

Pregnancy Policy

• It is recommended that the passenger contacts her medical practitioner to confirm that it is safe to fly in an unpressurised aircraft up to 10,000 feet or a pressurised aircraft.
• The passenger is advised to fly at own risk and needs to acknowledge this
• For routine pregnancies where the mother has no adverse medical history or any complications related to the pregnancy, the passenger can travel up to the end of the 40th week for single pregnancies and the end of the 36th week for multiple pregnancies.
• Medical clearance is mandatory if a passenger is having any complications with her pregnancy and it is not a routine pregnancy.

• After 28 weeks, the passenger will need to carry a certificate or letter from a registered medical practitioner or registered midwife confirming:
o The estimated date of delivery
o Whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy
o That the pregnancy is a routine pregnancy and that there are no complications with the pregnancy
o The certificate or letter must be given to Shine Aviation at check-in, available on request and be carried with the passenger at the airport and during the flight in the cabin baggage.