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Private Pilot Licence

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Private Pilot Licence(PPL)

A PPL allows you to kick the limitations of a recreational pilot licence and fly anywhere in Australia in any aircraft with the proper additional qualifications. The initial training for the PPL is the same syllabus as the RPL but will transition in to navigation training and some more in depth theory. Once you have completed the training and passed your flight test you have the freedom to fly any Australian registered aircraft anywhere in Australia, provided you have the right qualifications for that aircraft. Students who are considering a Commercial Pilots License should start with the PPL course.

During your PPL training, you will be taught the skills and airmanship required to fly through different airspace and to different locations. You must also successfully complete a theory examination as well as a practical flight test.

The average student takes around 50-60 flying hours to complete the basic PPL course. Because the course is based on competency some students complete the course in fewer hours while some may take longer.

Shine Aviation also offer PPL training in Bonanza A36 aicraft for those wanting to move towards faster and more complex single engine aircraft.



Bonanza PPL Training